Water Softener

Water softening gives you and your loved ones important benefits. Quality water in your home is an important part of the quality of your life. Puronics Water Softeners are the ideal solution.

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Water Softeners for Quality Water

Experience the benefits to installing a water softener system in your home.

A Healthier Home

We make all scales Water Softeners for your house-wide water supply. Not just a healthier drinking water, cleaning with soften water can keep hair and skin softer and smoother.

Life Time Saving

Soften Water will protect hot water heaters and dishwashers from corrosion. Start saving on general maintenance today.

A Better Water

Soften Water can eliminate objectionable odors and tastes, and gives you extraordinary experience in your water, coffee and tea, that is where the “sweet” taste comes from.

Select Your Water Softener

For over 60 years, Puronics has helped thousands of consumers by providing them with efficient, high quality water softening systems for the freshest water possible.

Defender Series

Budget Water Conditioner
  • Defender Series MV water conditioner is a budget-minded solution to supplying high quality water in an energy efficient manner.
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Terminator Series

Standard Water Conditioner
  • Terminator IQ-MP Series water conditioner provides your family with the highest quality water, also lets you know when it is time to change the filter.
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Hydronex Series

Whole House Water Conditioner
  • Hydronex Series whole house water conditioner provides superior quality water ensuring your entire family always have the highest quality water.
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HF Series

High Capacity Water Conditioner
  • HF Series high capacity water conditioner is designed for commercial or industrial applications that require intermittent large volumes of quality water.
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What are our clients saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I was really appreciative of the quality of service and attention I received. Every question and concern I had was addressed. I've had my Puronics system for more than 10 years. It has really improved the quality of life for my family."

Mark G.

"The technician was clean, courteous and on time. He covered our floors to prevent any dirt or damage. He thoroughly checked our water softening system. The whole installation went through perfectly and we can't thank enough!"

Cheryl Z.

"Our Puronics water filter has worked flawlessly for about 17 years. We get consistently purified water (you can feel the difference on your skin in the shower), and it's so nice to know that we are drinking clean water and putting soft water into our system."

Dave C.

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